Ready to take a deep dive?  If so, these highly engaging workshops
will help you and your team build relationships, de-stress and practice
self-careAs a bonus think about adding a keynote speech to open or
close the workshop. 


Laugh Grow Team

Teams that build deep connections with one another enjoy greater productivity and less turnover. If you have new employees joining your team, need to boost morale, or enhance communication, I’ll work with you to develop strategic activities that will increase group connection and engagement. We will also work on self-care and using story to our advantage.

Duration: 2- 4 hours

Webinar: 1.5 hrs


Laugh Grow Lead 

This workshop provides skill development for supervisors and leadership in conflict resolution, dealing with difficult co-workers and customers, de-escalating disruptive behavior, and how to have critical conversations that provide both accountability and support. We will also work on self-care and using story to our advantage.

Duration: 2 hrs – 4 hrs

Webinar: 1.5 hrs

From Haze To Heart 

This workshop is designed for fraternities and male athletic teams:
Cesar debunks the perceived norms of masculinity that perpetuate hazing and models what bonding and deep connection can actually look like, by creating vulnerability using humor. His audiences aren’t just entertained by humor, but they also participate in creating it. Finally, Cesar will give tangible tools to create a program, which cultivates deep, life-long connections.  

This workshop or keynote is perfect for new office training, Greek Week events, new member education and hazing prevention.

LEARNING OUTCOMES:  How the perceived norms of masculinity perpetuate hazing. How healthy vulnerability builds deep connections quickly and how all teams can develop a program, which cultivates life-long bonds.

Duration: 2 hrs – 4 hrs


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